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BBC One’s ‘Why Is Covid Killing People of Colour?’ Documentary

Covid-19 has impacted us all and continues to do so.

However, in 2019, as the UK began to record deaths as a result of the Coronavirus, statistics and news reports very quickly began to reveal that people of colour were being killed by the disease far beyond their white counterparts.

Over time there was talk of Vitamin-D deficiencies, diabetes and that the DNA structure of a person of colour were all contributing factors to the rising number of deaths. Then came stark truths of just how many people of colour in the UK are frontline workers – all whom continued and continue to work tirelessly throughout the entirety of the pandemic. From NHS staff to bus drivers, to the people that checked out and delivered our groceries, people of colour took up these front facing roles in vast numbers – and they were dying – because of it?

David Harewood investigates ‘Why Is Covid Killing People of Colour?’ in a documentary that looks into not only science, but also socio-economic factors and just why people of colour face a far greater risk than others.

You watch it here on BBC iPlayer in the UK.